Friday, June 1, 2012

Pen Sketch #1

Hey all!  

So it's been a long time since I've posted here consistently.  But that may change.  So I'm heading to Aquinas College in the fall! (yaaaay!)  I won a full-tuition scholarship there, and I'm so excited!  So that's wonderful news.  The bad news: I have no school to do for the next few months. Now that may not sound like a problem...but for a person who usually does school all year round, that's an issue.  So in addition to riding my bike, chatting with friends, and goofing off all summer, I'm going to (try) to do at least a few pen sketches a week, and post them on here!  

(I have a couple of those awesome Moleskine notebooks that I'm doing these in, by the way)

So here's my first one.  

So I'm titling this one "rainwater."  The weather outside was really dreary today, and this seemed appropriate.  I took a picture of the rain that had collected on top of our gas grill, and then sketched the picture from that.  Hope you like!  If all goes well, I'll be posting more of these! :)

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