Thursday, June 16, 2011

I won Shortie! ArtPrize Registration...

As you may've seen on the Twitter sidebar, I won the Shortie Awards 15-18 Documentary category!  Very, very, exciting!  This means that mom and I are driving out to Silver Springs, MD, on next Friday, June 24th, for the Silverdocs Film Festival!!!  Here's a link to the Shortie Awards winner page...

Also, here's the copy of my video they uploaded.  Give it a thumb's up!

And, finally, here's the Silverdocs conference that I'll be attending...

I'm receiving an Industry Pass to the festival, which means that I get into ANY of the films getting screened....pretty sweet deal.  There are a few films I saw on the program that I'm really looking forward to...'Revenge of the Electric Car,' 'Life in a Day,' and a few others.  Should be a blast!

I'll be taking my camera to Silverdocs, so expect pictures!

Lastly, ArtPrize registration ends at 5:00 tonight.  That's only about 30mins!  If you're an artist, and haven't registered yet, this is a great opportunity!

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