Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Switchfoot concert photos!

Hey all!  Here are some photos from Thursday's Switchfoot concert!

Looking back from the mosh pit....we actually got outta there before Switchfoot came on...long story.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

ArtPrize 2011 pics!!

I know, I know.  I haven't posted ANYTHING during this year's ArtPrize.  To be fair, I've been crazy busy with school and working the ArtPrize Street Team (which has been awesome!).  But here it is!

Yesterday we had some family from out-of-town, so we said, 'hey!  Let's go to ArtPrize! (duh!)'  So took my camera down, and took many photos....upwards of 500.  So here are the 56(?) best ones for your enjoyment!

This was a large piece inside of Kendall College...very neat.

This was amazing.  It's a bunch of coffee stirs that are being held in place by tension....NO glue!!

Fun to photograph!

Cool pic at The Spot!

This was really impressive.  Ink drawing of GR from way long ago..want to say early 20th century,  late 19th?

This should look familiar, right?  It's David Huang's entry!  

Really impressed by this one this year!

This one, also at the GRAM, was interesting....paper and metal, fun.  I liked the shapes.


This was fun to photograph.



Mia Tavonatti's piece!  Really liking this one!  It is in the top ten.

Gotta see this one in person....breathtaking.


Other direction...more crowds!  Amazing how many people are downtown!

Bro looking over the river.

I love wood pieces....this boat is amazing!!

'The Hand of God.'  I can't remember the artist statement for this one...but it was rather profound.

The bears!  Also a top ten entry!

This is interesting!  It's from Justin LaDoux, who I interviewed last year for ArtPrize! 

This piece is hanging from the ceiling in the entry of the GR Public Museum.  It's where David Huang's piece was last year!

This was interesting, fun to photograph.  Again, at the GRPM.

Crowd shot!  It was even more packed upstairs.

This was something that the GRPM put on.  You could buy a tile, write a message, then hang it up.  Popular!

Top Ten piece!

Pretty cool in person!

LEGOS!!!!  Everyone played with these, right??

Crows...big....dead.  Sorta.  This was fun.

Duct tape!

Spot the president!  (Ford...a Top Ten entry)

Last place we went (with a camera, anyways).  You may remember this's where the big Rubik's Cube mosaic by Pete Fecteau was last year!  It was nice to see another big entry there, taking advantage of the space!

So there's a tour of ArtPrize!  Hope you enjoyed, then go down and see it all for yourself!  There are a lot of amazing pieces this year, so don't miss out!