Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two More Days...

You have today and tomorrow to vote for your favorite Top Ten ArtPrize entry!  Exciting, isn't it?

A bit of exciting news of my own.  I was recently put into contact with GR Press writer John Serba, and he wanted to write an article about my documentary film!  How cool is that?  He interviewed me last week at Pete Fecteau's venue, and the article just came out today.  Here's the link:  It's great!  Very well written, feel free to check it out.

I have some more photos from the last few days, check 'em out!

This and the next photo are of Top Ten artist Young Kim's entry, made out of 'salt and earth', amazing.  Voting number is  38651.

I know, it's not in the top ten, but I still think that this is great.

This is another Top Ten piece, this time by Chris LaPorte.  It's an amazing pencil drawing of US Cavalry Officers,  based on a 1921 photograph.  His voting number is 45391.

Here's Chris explaining the process behind the drawing.

Here is another Top Ten entry, Beili Liu's "Lure/Wave" at the new UICA.  Voting number 48341.

There are many more photos and interviews to post...which are coming throughout the be sure to check back!

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