Monday, October 4, 2010

ArtPrize Top Ten, Meeting Rick DeVos!

Here's the post that I promised!

I was at the ArtPrize Top Ten Announcement last week...I had a great spot for filming, right next to the stage...

Let's backtrack a bit...

On Wednesday, the last day of Round One voting, I was able to interview the Mayor of Grand Rapids, George Heartwell, about ArtPrize for my film.  The interview went very smoothly, and I'm very satisfied with the result.  Special thanks to the Mayor's office. 

Next I went to the Gerald R Ford Museum to see some of their indoor entries.  

Then I went to the Grand Rapids Public Museum, at which I conducted an artist interview, a Museum Staff interview, and was followed by a photographer from the GR Press for a story that should come out soon...stay tuned.

Here are some photos from the museum and after...

After the Museum, I went to get some better pictures of Dale Roger's 'Big Dogs'

After the dogs, I went to Jimmy John's...great food.

Later that evening I went back to GR to film at Pete Fecteau's venue, grabbed some great footage.

The next day, Thursday, was the Top Ten Announcement.  We were in GR an hour before it started, and found some great spots for filming.  While I was walking around waiting for the start I ran into Rick DeVos and Bill Holzinger-Robinson!  I was able to tell them about my film and, from what I could tell, they liked the idea.  It was fun for me because, whether they'll remember it or not, I've wanted to tell them about my film since I started the project.  Anyways, it was great meeting them both, and I'll let you know if anything big happens on that front.

Here are some photos from the announcement.

DeVos announced the Top Ten.  I had a mixed reaction, I was disappointed that David Huang didn't make it, but I was glad for those who did.  After they were announced, I raced after them to the GRAM, listening to the sound of a Five For Fighting concert.

I had never been in a 'media frenzy' before, so this was totally new ground for me.  I liked it, but there were lots of people running around with cameras, microphones, interviews in progress, etc, etc...   I was able to snag a couple interviews with artists, which was fun.  I'll be posting them soon!  For now, here are more photos.

Wander Martich

Chris LaPorte
Joachim Jensen
Rick DeVos talking to the SteamPig crew.

In the last photo you can see that I snagged the artists posing for their group photo with Rick DeVos...perfect!

Now that the Top Ten have been announced, here's the list (in random order): 

Wander Martich, "Helping Mom One Penny At A Time"
Steam Pig Experiment, "SteamPig"
Bill Secunda, "Dancing With Lions"
Young Kim, "Salt & Earth (garden for Patricia)"
Mia Tavonatti, "Svelata"
Paul Baliker, "A Matter Of Time"
Chris LaPorte, "Cavalry, American Officers, 1921"
David Spriggs, "Vision"
Beili Liu, "Lure/Wave"
Frederick Prescott, "Elephant Walk"

For the next week of voting, which ends Wednesday night, you only have one vote to use of your favorite Top Ten entry.

So, let the voting begin!  I'll have more photos and interviews tomorrow!

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