Sunday, October 17, 2010

Logging footage...

...long, yet very rewarding.

Let the editing begin!

ArtPrize is over, and it's bittersweet.  It was one of the most exhilarating, enjoyable, and exhausting things I've done in my life.  The good news is that the DeVos family promised that the competition will run at least five years, and we have three more, at the minimum, to go.

I've heard some people tell me that ArtPrize should be longer, so artists in the out-of-the-way venues can get more exposure.  At first I thought that might be good, but in hindsight the two-week timeframe works pretty well.  If they were to extend the competition to three weeks, people could start to loose interest, and artists wouldn't be able to afford the stay, so it really wouldn't be feasible.

On a more positive note, I've started editing my ArtPrize documentary!  I have over 40 hours of footage, which equals 2400 minutes.  I need to cut the footage down to 40 minutes (my goal length for the film), utilizing under 2%.  This would be roughly like writing a 12,500 page novel, and cutting it down to 200 pages...but you would never see the writers attempt that.  The part that will be interesting (nota bene), is the fact I'm only giving myself a month to edit, and until the end of the year to screen the final product.  Most films spend around three months at the editing table...but I don't have that luxury.   If I were to edit on a normal timeframe, we'd be too far away from ArtPrize, and people may loose interest.

My current stage in the editing process is watching every second of the footage, marking good clips, putting aside bad ones.  It's fun to watch footage that hasn't been seen since it was taken, and you get a sense of its potential.  After this stage I'll be storyboarding, outlining the general story structure to follow in editing.

I'll be posting more updates soon, and there are a couple more interviews to post (today?), so stay tuned!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chris LaPorte ArtPrize Winner Interview

The Chris LaPorte interview that I've been talking about is finally up.  Enjoy!

Congrats Chris!

ArtPrize Winner Announcement Photos!

Here are more photos up from Thursday's ArtPrize winner announcement, along with a running commentary.  Enjoy!

We got down to GR about 2.5 hours before the event started, and there was already a line starting.  Luckily for me, I was able to bypass the line since I had gotten my name onto the press list (thanks Tyler).  Since I was on the list, I received one of these cool media badges...

(Excuse the webcam photo)
After I got the badge, I was able to go in and set up my camera....which was dwarfed by those of the news crews.  After that, they had a media blackout, and I went out to get a Taco, then back to DeVos Place where they were holding interviews.  I didn't interview anyone myself, but I did get some pictures.

Dick and Betsy DeVos being interviewed by Tim Doty.
After the interviews, they ushered in the VIP's. 
After a few minutes of talking to artists, they told everyone that the general public was going to take their seats.  Everyone flooded into the ballroom.  I quickly escaped onto the media riser.

After a while the ArtPrize volunteers and the general public filed in, and the place was packed.

At 7:00 the event started.  Here're some photos of the speakers.

This was one of the opening acts.  The guy in the white was 'floating' around...I guess it was alright. 

After they had announced all of the juried prizes, Chris LaPorte was announced winner of ArtPrize 2010.
The next few photos are from the press conference after the announcement.  Again, the press badge was very useful.

Chris with his girlfriend MJ.
ArtPrize 2010 runner-up, Mia Tavonatti, talking with Rick DeVos.

Mia with Svelata.
That whole night (except for the Lady Gaga video at the end) was a blast.  I was so happy for Chris and Mia, they both reached great achievements.  (If you want to see my interview with Mia from the Top 10 announcement, click here).

Tomorrow will be the last day of ArtPrize.  I'll be sad to see it go, but there's still filming to do!  There are a few more interviews to do, as well as filming artists taking back their pieces.

I'll try to get Chris LaPorte's interview up this afternoon, so be sure to check in!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chris LaPorte!

Chris LaPorte has won ArtPrize 2010!  Congrats Chris!

Mia Tavonatti came in second place!

And Beili Liu (who was not present to receive her award) came in third!

I had a wonderful time, got some great footage, and met many people.  I'll have a longer post ready in the morning, as well as Chris LaPorte's interview!

More soon!

Today Show ArtPrize Segment

Here's a YouTube video of this morning's Today Show segment featuring ArtPrize.  David Huang, SteamPig, Jeff Zimmermann, and several other artists I've met and followed were featured.  Very cool!

ArtPrize Voting is Over!

So who in the Top 10 did you vote for?  Post it in the comments section below!

I was out for six(?) hours filming yesterday, and walked the entire city (or what seemed like it) a few times.  I grabbed some really good footage though, which made it worthwhile.

Here are some more pictures.

This, as by now you probably know, is Top 10 artist Mia Tavonatti's entry, "Svelata."  I would post voting numbers, but you can't vote anymore!  

Grand Rapids' favorite flying pig.

Another Top 10 entry, Bill Secunda's "Dancing With Lions," made completely from nails.

Not a Top 10, the large greeting card at The Bob, which was vandalized a few days ago.

Mike Pline's "Woodwinds."

Jeff Zimmermann's mural on Kendall College

After I had made the rounds to the usual venues, I decided to trek over to the Calder Plaza.  

This is a sculpture made from scythe handles (like broomsticks) by Sheila Wyne, from Anchorage,  Alaska.

Giant paperclip...we all need one of those...

Paul Baliker's Top 10 entry, "A Matter of Time."

So after all this frantic running around, I stopped at the Hub to listen to the ArtPrize speaker series, featuring Patricia Phillips, the curator and dean of graduate studies at the Rhode Islande School of Design.  She gave a very thought-provoking talk.

After that, I went to Biggby Coffee and got a seven-layer bar...don't judge me...

On my way out of town I stopped at the Ford Museum and took some night photos of Wander Martich's Top Ten entry, "Helping Mom One Penny at a Time."

On a side note, there were several musicians gracing us with their music around town, but especially around the GRAM.

As for tonight's winner announcement, I'll be there with all the other press cameras in the back.  For anyone who wants to go, it'll be at DeVos Place in the ballroom.  Doors open at 6:30 (if you want to get a seat, you'll want to line up really early), the event starts at 7:00 and runs for an hour.  It should be fun, and I can't wait to go.  

On a side note, they're letting me tap into the room's audio system, so I'll be getting much better sound than if I was using my shotgun mic.

I'm going to try to upload (at least) my last Top 10 interview before tonight's announcement.  

Also, I'll try to update from the event tonight through my Twitter feed, but there will probably be a live video stream from MLive.  I'll post more when I know it.