Monday, September 13, 2010

Roscoe Wilson ArtPrize Pictures

I went down to see the Jeff Zimmermann ArtPrize mural today (which I'll post photos of in a bit), but I went inside the building, and was greeted by this beautiful installation!

It is made completely out of recycled materials...very cool.  The artist is Roscoe Wilson.  He is a professor of art at Miami (Ohio) University.  Here's his website:  The name of his entry is "Filling the Void."  Here's how he describes it on his ArtPrize profile.  

"This installation will be similar to previous installations in an ongoing attempt to collect and display discarded materials. The pieces become artificial landscapes with warm and cool plastic areas and rock-like objects hanging from the walls. All of the materials are post-consumer, collected from family, friends and acquaintances."

I found the installation very visually appealing and thought-provoking, and is a must-see for anyone coming to ArtPrize this year.  As I said above, this is in the main lobby of the Kendall College of Art and Design.  Be sure to give him an up vote!

More to come!

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