Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One more day!

ArtPrize is only one day away!  Time is going to be a precious commodity until the opening, for both me and the artists still installing their pieces...

Last night Pete Fecteau finished his Rubik's Cube mosaic, which is truly breathtaking.  We were taking the cubes from behind the stage on the floor, to the giant frame onstage.  It took about three hours, was totally exhausting, but completely worth it!  I'll be posting photos of it tomorrow.

On Friday, Matt Hutchinson installed his wood vase at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.  Here are some of the photos that I took.

Matt, as I said above, is displaying at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.  His vote up number is 42501.  Be sure to vote!  

The vase is amazing, especially in person.  I've been following this piece since July, and it's been great.  I've seen how a rough log can be changed into a beautiful work of art, though the time and efforts of a talented artist.  Matt, good job!  Congrats, and good luck!

One last thing, Matt has made a website for his ArtPrize entry,  Go check it out!  There are some great photos there!

More later today!

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