Sunday, September 26, 2010

ArtPrize Days Three and Four Photos!

Sorry this is late (being day five now), but here are some of my pictures from ArtPrize 2010, days three & four.

The next four photos are from the Bob, which is a great venue, but crazy crowded...personally, a bit too crowded when compared with a place like the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

The steam pig!  This is from the same people who did Nessie last year.
This is a photo from inside  'The Hub', aka the Old Federal Building.  Pretty neat place.

David Huang's vessel, top 25!  Keep voting for him!

This is the Mayor of Grand Rapids, speaking with Pete Fecteau at the First Park Congregational Church's artist reception on Friday evening.
That PixelPete install video?  We're playing it at the actual venue...and the mayor saw it!
So, those are the photos from day three of ArtPrize...which was a great day, and not quite as cold as day four would turn out to be (Que day four photos).

This and the next four photos are from Dale Roger's entry, 'The Big Dog Show', which is on Monroe street, near the edge of the ArtPrize boundaries.  Very cool display, I recommend!

Dale's project is very interesting.  He was partnering with the Kent County Humane Society for a dog adoption drive and dog walk.  Here's his website,  

A bit of drama did occur.  My camera, though I had tried to charge it all night, apparently was just sitting on the counter...not charging.  So I was barely able to shoot the Dale Rogers spot, and had to stop to charge a few times.

On a side note, I now have a new favorite food stop in Grand Rapids.  I'd heard of this place a few weeks ago, when an ArtPrize artist from out-of-town was telling me that a friend, whenever talking about Grand Rapids, had to bring up Taco Bob's, and how they have the best tacos in the none.  So my immediate reaction was to scoff, and say that the Taco Bell down the street was good enough for me.  Yesterday I was walking down Monroe Street, right in front of the DeVoss Place, famished, so I walked into none other than the afore-mentioned Taco Bob's.  I ordered one soft taco, their computers were broken, so they gave me the taco for thirty cents off...which was nice of them.  Then I ate the taco...and that unnamed person from the east coast was right!  These are good tacos!  There was something there that was unique...and tasty...much more flavorful than the average.

Taco Bob's has earned another loyal customer.  

Back to ArtPrize.

After the taco experience, I ran around for a bit, to Kendall and the Bob.  Here're some photos.  

I decided to take more pictures of Roscoe Wilson's recycled plastics sculpture.

I had to go to the balcony for this photo...nice...

This is the artprize window decor for Kendall.

Giant card at the Bob...

After I went to the Bob, I met up with the rest of the family, and headed over to the DeVoss Place, which, after living in West Michigan for three years, was actually the first time I had ever been there.

This in my opinion, was a very cool piece.  It's a metal sculpture representing a comet flying through space.  Being a minor space buff, I found it rather neat.  You can find this outside the DeVoss Place.

This is a very interesting fiber-arts entry at the DeVoss place, representing the four seasons.  I was impressed at the detail of the pieces, and well it looked standing from a distance, like in the photo above.  

Okay, to recap.  Yesterday I went to a park on Monroe, Kendall college, the Bob, and then met up with the rest of the family and headed to the DeVoss place.  

After DeVoss, we headed over to the Amway Grand Hotel, which is another great venue.  (I know this post is really, really, long...but we're almost done!).  

Rockford MI artist Steve Arver's table.  Very cool!

After going all over town, we decided to go to the LaFontsee Gallery, to see Debra Reid Jenkins' painting.  

This and the next photo are from Kelly and Colin Darke, brother and sister.   They have some amazing work.

This has been my longest post...hopefully it wasn't boring to anyone.  If you've made it to the end of this post, congrats!  Comment below, tell me what your favorite pieces have been so far this ArtPrize...and I'll try to start posting photos of them!

More in a bit!

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  1. thanks so much for mentioning our work!! (Colin and Kelly Darke:

    one of my favorite pieces so far is Beili Liu piece Lure/Forest -

    wish I had more time to see it all!

    Kelly Darke