Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ArtPrize 2010, Day One

ArtPrize day one is in the books!  We just got back from a crazy night of running around, and it was great.

Before I post photos, Matt Hutchinson is in the top 100, Mic Carlson is in the top 25, and the rest of my artists are (hopefully) close behind!  Look at my last post for all of my artists' voting numbers...and vote 'em up!

Here are some photos!  These are from both last night's reception at the GR Public Museum and tonight.

Matt Hutchinson's wood vase, amazing!  His voting number is 42501

This is a quilt by Bruce Seeds, his voting number is 43031 (interview currently being edited)

This is a musical piece by Joshua Kirsch, currently in the top 50, his voting number is  47541 (I interviewed him, post coming soon!)

David Huang's vessel, voting number: 37931

Adna Underhill, voting number 39901

I have no idea who made this (sorry), but it's made out of thousands of toothpicks!

Here's mom under a huge piece at the GR Public Museum

There is now a globe!  (it was vandalized last week)

PixelPete!  First time you've seen the finished work, new post coming!  Voting number: 42081

Mic Carlson's voting number is 36621

So, there are some photos and voting numbers...go vote for them!  

I had a great time tonight.  The GR Public Museum was great, very well organized, with many great entries.   We also went to four (?) other venues, and saw quite a lot of art...I'm very impressed by the caliber of the entries this year.

On a side note, I actually saw Rick DeVoss on the corner of Pearl and Monroe...sorta cool...  

I still have sooooooo many photos and videos to post's crazy...but a good crazy!

Loving ArtPrize so far!  More to come!

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