Thursday, September 30, 2010

ArtPrize Top Ten Announcement

Round one of voting is officially over, the top ten will be announced today!  And what great weather we have here in Michigan!  It's been cloudy, gloomy, and cold for most of ArtPrize (yet there were 440,000 votes!), but toady is sunny, mid 60's...perfect.

As for later, the top ten will be announced at Rosa Park Circle, 6:00 tonight.  The announcement will be accompanied by a concert from the band, Five For Fighting.  Can't wait to see them.

I'm not going to post a top ten prediction list...though I'm really rooting for David Huang! (my previous posts about David)

Before the top ten are announced, here are some pictures that I've taken over the last few days of ArtPrize.

On Sunday, we started out trip around GR at the YMCA.  Someone made a cow out of lots of little cows, pretty funny.

This is a quilt collection by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood,  made out of ties from influential men from Grand Rapids.  

Cool shot of GR.

Next stop was, yet again, Kendall College.  I can't seem to take enough pictures of Roscoe Wilson's entry.

Next we went to the GRAM, and saw this top25 entry when we first walked in.

And another top25...very nice.

Another top25 at the GRAM.

Yet another 25 at the GRAM...did they get a monopoly?  Just kidding! It's a great venue.

Dude on log/skateboard, playing a

So, by this point we had been walking around GR for hours, and we needed to get back home for the Colts football game.  We usually don't buy from the street vendors, but the smell of these Philly Cheesesteaks was irresistible!

My best sandwich in months!  

Kendall's cool sign, obscured by cars and trees.  Just stating the obvious.

Don't ya love these signs?
I'll be posting some photos from yesterday up shortly.  I need to finish editing David Huang's video.

More soon!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mere Minutes To Go...

You only have a few minutes and counting to vote for ArtPrize pieces!  If you're still awake at this late hour, then vote for your favorite pieces (or not so favorite pieces) before time runs only have a couple minutes...and if you continue reading this post, you'll miss your chance!

Go vote, check the post below for my featured artists' voting numbers!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Artist Ranking Update

Here are the standings as of this morning...

David Huang is still in the top 25, which is truly amazing, keep voting for him.  #37931

Matthew Hutchinson is in the top 75, and still needs you votes!  #42501

Pete Fecteau has come from behind!  He was not ranked as of Thursday, possibly even as late as Wednesday, but he is now in the top 50!  Keep voting people!  #42081 

Debra Reid Jenkins is, unfortunately, unranked.  But it's not too late!  You can still vote for her work, being displayed at the LaFontsee Gallery.  Her voting# is 40511, be sure to drop by, let's get her to the top 100!

Another artist outside the top 100, in need of your votes, is Adna Underhill.  He made a meditation garden at Mel Trotter Ministries, Downtown GR, which will be a beautiful site for a long time to come.  For now though, be sure to give him an up vote, #39901.

So, there are my artists.  Be sure to give them your votes and support, they deserve it!  

Another post later!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bruce Seeds ArtPrize Artist Interview

This is my interview with Bruce Seeds, an ArtPrize artist displaying his quilt, 'No. 13 (The Ring)', at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.  Watch the interview, and give him a vote up!  His voting# is 43031.

Amazing work Bruce, good luck!

Justin LaDoux ArtPrize Artist Interview

Here's my interview with ArtPrize artist Justin LaDoux.  He is currently in the top 100.  His entry is a very interesting arrangement of recycled metal sculptures of deep-sea creatures, being displayed at the Amway Grand Hotel.  Be sure to check it out, and give him an up vote, his voting# is 35831.

By the way, if you like this video, or any of my ArtPrize videos, posts, etc., please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my blog.  Thanks, and enjoy the video.

Movers and Shakers...

Rather funny...I took this screen shot a few minutes ago...three of the artists that I've been following are "ArtPrize Movers and Shakers", which means that they are all trending upwards!  Matt Hutchinson and Pete Fecteau are both in the top 75, while David Huang is in the top 25!  Pretty amazing, keep voting for them.

Justin LaDoux ArtPrize Photos

Here are some photos that I took of ArtPrize artist Justin LaDoux's entry.  They are recycled metal sculptures of deep sea creatures...very interesting.

I interviewed Justin a few days ago, and I'll have it on the site in about an hour.  Justin is now in the top 100, his voting number is 35831.  Be sure to give him your vote!