Monday, August 23, 2010

Pete Fecteau, on the news!

Photos used with permission (thanks Pete!)

One of my artists, Pete Fecteau, will be on the Grand Rapids TV news station, FOX 17, on Wednesday evening...and I get to go!  How cool is that?

Pete is constructing one of the larger pieces of the year...out of Rubik's Cubes.  He is constructing a 20' x 10' mosaic of Martin Luther King Jr. out of 4242 cubes!  He puts one face-per-cube in a specific pattern, utilizing each square on the cube...pretty cool.

Here's a photo of the concept...

And here's where he is currently...

It looks like it's coming along very well, I can't wait to go see it.  He's already used over 1700 cubes in one week of takes me that long to solve one side...this guy is awesome.

I interviewed Pete a week ago, and he told me that the idea to make a mosaic actually came to him in a dream.  "It must've been October first or second when I woke up as if I'd been electrocuted...It's rare when I have those moments, but when they do happen, they're important, and you have to pay attention to them.  The idea has evolved a bit, and it's been a marathon to make it to this point, so I'm really extremely blessed to be where I'm at.  I don't think anyone thought that I'd actually do it when I first told them, 'hey, I'm doing this huge mosaic out of Rubik's cubes!', but here we are, we're doing it, and it's going to be pretty cool."

When asked about the subject matter, he said, "I didn't want to do anything from pop culture or specifically political, but I wanted it to be a social message.  I was making the list of people...Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Barrack Obama...but as soon as I wrote down Martin Luther King, 'I have a dream', it made so much sense.  I never contemplated anyone else after that, it had to be him."

Pete went on to tell me that he received enthusiastic permission from both the King estate and the Rubik's Cube brand to do the project.  Over the last several months, things have been falling into place, and he's now to what he calls 'the easy part'...assembling the mosaic.

Even more inspiring is the fact that Pete is dyslexic.  He struggles with numbers, even with colors, but that isn't stopping him.  "It was through the Rubik's Cube that I was able to learn about and harness my dyslexia for a purpose. It is this reason that I seek to be an ambassador for the Rubik's Cube as a learning tool. It has the ability to empower and fully engage kids in math and allow them to surpass the challenge of living with a learning disability. It also injects them with self confidence to use in other facets of their life, as I have."

Pete is teaming up with YouCanDoTheCube, an organization that helps get the Rubik's Cube into the classroom, to donate 50 sets of cubes to the Grand Rapids Public School system.  In this way Pete really hopes that he can use the cube to make a difference in the lives of others.

Check back soon for more on Pete's project, and be sure to visit his Facebook page!

Take care!

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