Monday, August 2, 2010

Carol Sauvion

My favorite art-related documentary is the "Craft in America" series from PBS.  It is, in my opinion, one of the best pieces of non-fiction programming PBS has run in its history.  In making a plan for my film, "Craft in America" has been a great source of inspiration and motivation.  I want to make a film that gets the viewer as close to the artists as they did; to make a connection with the art, artist, and viewer as few filmmakers have been able to form.

I recently called their office to ask if they had any advice for a rookie filmmaker.  I called, left a message, and thought that was it...not really expecting a call back.

An hour later I received a personal call from the executive director of the entire "Craft in America" project, Carol Sauvion.  We talked for a good 20 minutes, and she kindly gave me many items of advice on my film, for which I am extremely grateful.

I don't know if she'd come, but if the film gets to the Grand Rapids Film Festival, I'll have to send an invite.

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