Saturday, August 28, 2010

ArtPrize Artist David Huang

This is ArtPrize artist David Huang.  He's a very talented coppersmith from Sand Lake, Michigan.  Below are some photos of his ArtPrize project.

Used with permission from David Huang

Used with permission from David Huang

This beautiful vessel is made out of copper, sterling silver, and 23k gold.  It will be on display in the lobby of the Grand Rapids Public Museum during ArtPrize, so you can't miss it!  We filmed with David yesterday and watched him work on some smaller vessels, because he has already finished his ArtPrize entry.  Here are some of the photos we took.

These are the tools David uses for the fine detail work...
Taking this...
to this!

Here's David's workshop, an "earth-ship" style building, made out of tires, earth, straw, and cement, and is totally off-the-grid for its electricity.

I had a great time filming with David, and I'll be posting up a more detailed post soon.  If you want to learn more about David and his project, check out his website,

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