Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mic Carlson

I filmed with ArtPrize artist and bronze sculptor, Mic Carlson, a few weeks ago, to see how his project was coming.  Here are some photos.

Mic competed in last year's ArtPrize competition, and came in the top 25.  You may recognize his work here--(watch the video!)--

This year he is again making a bronze sculpture based on the life of St. Francis of Assisi.  As you may have noticed from the photos, instead of using clay, as was the case last year, he's using styrofoam.  Though this is a bit unorthodox, isn't ArtPrize too?  I think it's great.  Plus, it seems to be working really well.

The sculpture, like Mic's entry last year, is an interactive piece.  People can come up onto the statue, and sit in between Jesus and St. Francis.  For more info on the piece, and about Mic, check out his ArtPrize blog--

I can't wait to see this project when it's finished.  Mic is displaying at the Waters Building, downtown Grand Rapids, in the main lobby.

More soon!

ArtPrize App!

The new ArtPrize app was released on the 27th, and I just downloaded it.  Here's the link--

It looks really cool, and it's free!  It has the complete list of artists, venues, events, etc....basically anything and everything that you'll need to get around this year's ArtPrize competition...other than a car...  You can't vote on the artists yet, but as soon as the 22nd comes, get registered and go for it!

Now, we have an iPod Touch, not the iPhone, so it'll be interesting to see how well the city is covered with WiFi.

I'm going to try to post some photos of another artist's project today, so check back soon!


By the way, I get tons of views on here, but no comments!  ArtPrize is all about restarting the conversation between artists, art, and the let's get some conversation going!  If you like something on the blog, an artist's project, or want to say something about ArtPrize, feel free to comment.

So, there's my bit, back to ArtPrize.

Debra Reid Jenkins, 3, Photos

I filmed with Debra again yesterday, her painting is amazing!  She should be finishing either today or tomorrow.  Here are some photos...

This is one of the original sketches

This painting is amazing, and you need to see it if you're going to ArtPrize.  It's very realistic.  She should finish the painting either today or tomorrow.  

I wanted to thank Debra for allowing us to film her working on this painting.  There is so much that I've learned about the process behind it, and I hope to be able to share that in the film.

Debra's venue is the LaFontsee Gallery.

Hard to believe that we're only 23 days away from ArtPrize...can't wait!

Jeff Zimmermann Mural Update

I dropped by the Zimmermann mural on Sunday, they're doing great!  Here are some photos...

More in a bit, I filmed with Debra Jenkins yesterday, and I'll be posting photos soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Frederik Meijer Gardens

The Frederik Meijer Gardens will be a venue for ArtPrize this year, and it is beautiful!  We went today to take a look, and we had a great time!  Here are some photos of their current displays.

First off, are the Chihuly glass sculptures.

These sculptures are beautiful!  Very different.  If you want to see more of Dale Chihuly's work check out his website at  

Now for the next photo, I'm not sure if this is Chihuly or not, but it's pretty cool!

Now, here are some general photos of the Gardens.  Enjoy!

LOTS of photos, so I'm sorry if this took three days to load on your computer...but it's good stuff!  

I'm looking forward to seeing the art pieces for ArtPrize at this great venue, and I hope that everyone goes to see them, and enjoys the rest of the Gardens as well.

Take care!

ArtPrize Artist David Huang

This is ArtPrize artist David Huang.  He's a very talented coppersmith from Sand Lake, Michigan.  Below are some photos of his ArtPrize project.

Used with permission from David Huang

Used with permission from David Huang

This beautiful vessel is made out of copper, sterling silver, and 23k gold.  It will be on display in the lobby of the Grand Rapids Public Museum during ArtPrize, so you can't miss it!  We filmed with David yesterday and watched him work on some smaller vessels, because he has already finished his ArtPrize entry.  Here are some of the photos we took.

These are the tools David uses for the fine detail work...
Taking this...
to this!

Here's David's workshop, an "earth-ship" style building, made out of tires, earth, straw, and cement, and is totally off-the-grid for its electricity.

I had a great time filming with David, and I'll be posting up a more detailed post soon.  If you want to learn more about David and his project, check out his website,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jeff Zimmermann Photos

Here are some photos that we took of the ArtPrize mural by Jeff Zimmermann, in progress.

First off, Jacob's photos!

I didn't notice this while we were there, but Jeff is on top of the building!

And now, here are my photos.

I'm really impressed with the mural, and can't wait to see it completed!  Good job Jeff!